Huntington Paving Continues

West Virginia Paving has notified the City of Huntington that it already has completed 65 percent of the paving work on the 2014 paving list. The 2014 list represents approximately $1 million of paving projects. There will be an additional $500,000 of paving work completed in spring 2015.

The following streets will be paved on Tuesday, July 1 (weather permitting):
-- 9th Street West (between Washington and Adams avenues
-- Harvey Road (Memorial Boulevard to Good Samaritan United Methodist Church)
-- Hawthorne Way (South Boulevard to 605 Hawthorne)
-- Shockey Drive (8th Street Road to Inwood intersection)

The remaining streets will be paved during the next few weeks:
-- Dundale Avenue (31st to Court streets)
-- Handley Road (Piedmont to Waverly roads)
-- Court Street (Hughes Street to Piedmont Road)
-- Virginia Avenue (West 13th to West 14th streets)
-- Alley between Washington and Adams avenues (1st Street to Aldi lot)
-- 11th Street (2 ½ Alley to 3rd Avenue)
-- 2nd Avenue (17th to 19th streets)
-- 124 Plum Tree Lane to 1 North Altamont Road
-- Prospect Drive (all)
-- Lower Terrace (Locust Street to cul-de-sac)

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