Mayor Speaks About Drug Infestation

Updated 5 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Mayor Speaks About Drug Infestation

Huntington has an epidemic.

Mayor Steve Williams deemed it an "anchor dragging the city down," threatening to undo and impede economic development, community development, treatment facilities , and all positives that have made Huntington flourish.

Despite the best efforts of the Huntington Police, there is "not a neighborhood in the city not affected" by the drug threat, specifically crack and heroin. Calling it the "scourge" of the city, Williams stressed drug use crosses all economic strata, genders, and creeds.

Williams told council that a large quantity of heroin will be delivered and eight hours later all but 10% of the shipment has been distributed.

Building a case on a stash house usually take a year.

"If we speed up the process, we might jeopardize the case because of some loophole," Williams said.

Mayor Speaks About Drug Infestation

The first step in the battle will be hiring a Police Chief to implement tactics that Skip Holbrook helped start. Currently, Jimmy Johnson has been named police chief, pending results of a search committee. Johnson does not want to be the permanent chief; he will return to the Constituent Service Liaison.

The Mayor suggested that the city will "Capone" the nefarious,eferring to gangster Al Capone who finally went to prison for not paying taxes on his ill gotten gains.


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