EDITORIAL: Governors Perry and Manchin Eagerly Promoted Obama's Stimulus Plan

HNN Staff
Gov. Rick Perry
Gov. Rick Perry


It's a story as old as the Bible, as familiar to us all as the morning dawn.  A politician, feeling on top of his game, says or does something that bites him later when circumstances are different.  But imagine two such politicians, both Governors though in different parties, combining together to bring each other down before the public.  That's what has happened to former Governor Joe Manchin (D-WV) and current Governor Rick Perry (R-TX).

When President Obama was trying to push through his ill-fated Stimulus Bill, he needed support from anybody and everybody.  What could be better to show bipartisan support for his plan than to show one Republican Governor and one Democratic Governor pleading with the Congress to pass the President's controversial spending plan?  And to make it official, how about putting that support down in this joint letter from the Stimulus Bill debate.

But in Perry and Manchin, the President didn't have just any Governors.  These two men represented ALL the nation's Governors in their respective positions as Chairs of the Republican and Democratic Governors Association.  Perry and Manchin saw their chance to play a role on the national stage and took it--no matter the cost to the taxpayers of American and in their own states.  So they signed a letter urging the passage of the Stimulus Bill.

Fast forward a couple of years.  Now Governor Rick Perry is running for President and claims that he wants to derail anything Obama has ever touched.  What a change two years can make!  And what about now Senator Joe Manchin?  He's doing what he can to persuade us that he's his own man and has little to do with Obama, except that Stimulus Bill, then Obamacare, and then the pro-Planned Parenthood vote that sends our taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions.

When will politicians like Perry and Manchin realize that we remember them supporting Obama when it was fashionable?  They can't run away from their association with Obama now. The two gained the national stage in large part because of their willingness to help the President when he needed it the most:  to pass the runaway spending bill know as the Stimulus.

But the real question is:  What did all that Stimulus money do to help create jobs in America?  How have our lives been improved by adding that many more billions of dollars to our national debt?

If big, fat Stimulus Bills are Perry's and Manchin's idea of saving our national economy, rather than getting the government off the business community's back, then they are no better than Obama.  They can say what they want now about Obama.  But when the President needed help in selling his Stimulus plan, Obama didn't have to twist any arms with these guys.

They eagerly volunteered.


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