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Updated 3 years ago

It was another great night of racing at Ona Speedway for the River City Ford and Subaru 150 Saturday night.  We had a pretty good holiday crowd of 395.  The Hobby Stocks and Sport Mods boasted record car counts.  River City Subaru also had a couple cars on display on the General Admission side of the track.



·         Jeremy Cooper attempted to win 4 races in one night as he drove in the Ucar B main, Ucar A main, Hobby Stock, and Classics.  He won 2 (Ucar B and Classics)

·         Scott Pierson Sr. got a little bit overly aggressive and crashed his Ucar into the wall breaking his right front axle on lap 2 of the Bmain.

·         In the Hobby race, Gary Queen hit the wall HARD.  He got out, checked the damage, and got back in to finish the race!  Then he actually ran down and passed Brett Carey to take second place.

·         Tempers flared in the Sport Mod division as 3 cars were unable to finish due to wrecks.  The first and second place cars actually hit each other AFTER the checkered flag.  It was unclear weather that was intentional or not.

·         Also in Sport Mods, long time driver, Roger Dilley returned to Ona for the first time in several years and took home the win.

·         The only class without a good car count was the New Heights Church V6 Class.  With 3 people on vacation and 2 cars broke down, Scott Pierson Jr. won by default.  One of the pastors from New Heights Ryan Navvy raced Scott Jr.’s V6 against Scott Jr. in Alaina Harvey’s Ucar in a 10 lap exhibition.  The pastor started on the pole and in my opinion cheated his way to victory!  Lol  He got the trophy, but I got the points!



New Heights Church Exhibition- #12 Ryan Navvy

New Heights Church V6 Class- #12 Scott Pierson Jr.

Contempo Trophy Ucar B main- #00 Jeremy Cooper

Contempo Trophy Ucar A main- #32 Kevin Gillispie

Classics- #00 Jeremy Cooper

Hobby Stock- #8 “Magic” Mike Christy

Sport Mods- #3 Roger Dilley



Points and lap times are posted and available at www.onaspeedway.com .



We will be back in action on July 19th for the Precision Pump and Valve 200.  We will have a full slate with the Late Models being there.

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