JULY 25-27

Regatta, Carnival, Hot Dog Fest…. End of July Downtown Mega Family Draw

Updated 3 years ago by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Regatta, Carnival, Hot Dog Fest…. End of July Downtown Mega Family Draw

Huntington Mayor Steve Williams described a major downtown visitor generator for July 25-27, as an expanded Regatta combines with the Hot Dog Festival and a carnival bringing festivities to both the Riverfront and Pullman Square.

“The fun part about it, it’s going on at the same time as the Hot Dog Festival,” Williams explained. “Come on over to the riverfront, you have the boats, a concert Friday night, a concert Saturday night and a motorcycle show on Sunday afternoon.”

Noting that over 15,000 folks came to Dawg Dazzle to celebrate July 4, the Mayor said, “We are cleaning up the riverfront. We are starting to take steps beyond what any of us have seen [there].”

The power boat racing has been “stepped up” each year and Williams hopes weather cooperates on the races.

The Regatta will operate with an all-volunteer force in order to maintain the ‘free’ status of the event.

“The way the river straightens out  [makes[ our position on the river is ideal for boat races.”

Hopefully, the weather will not repeat last year’s “choppy waters,” which was the first time the river races in Huntington had been impeded.

“We had almost two million homes last year and we  expect almost double” the television draw this year, Williams said. “There will be more airing time as well.”

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