Huntington Public Works Reminds About Proper Household Chemical Disposal

In the wake of an incident earlier today in which two trash and sanitation workers became ill when they inhaled fumes from a mixture of ammonia and bleach that was discarded in household garbage, the city's Public Works Department would like to remind residents how to properly dispose of these household cleaning chemicals.

Bleach and ammonia should be poured down the drain SEPARATELY and in small amounts with running water. Also, make sure to rinse empty ammonia and bleach bottles with water before discarding in your trash. And always read the product label of a household cleaning product about proper disposal methods if you have questions.

The following additional items are prohibited from being placed in household garbage: needles, syringes, paint, animal carcasses, sewage, appliances that contain freon or any type of biohazardous material.

Trash and sanitation crews will pick up paint cans if the paint has been dried out with cat litter.

Thank you in advance for following these guidelines. Minimizing the potential health and safety hazards that our trash and sanitation workers are exposed to is greatly appreciated.
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