Rahall Statement on President Obama’s Address on Jobs

From a Rep. Nick Rahall Release

 Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Nick J. Rahall (D-WV), top Democrat on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, tonight released the following statement in response to President Barack Obama’s address to a Joint Session of Congress on jobs:

“Unlike some Members who boycotted the President’s address, I attended and I listened with an open mind.  I left the chamber with the hope that my colleagues in Congress will put aside their differences and conjure the backbone, the wisdom, and the willingness to compromise that will be sorely needed in the weeks ahead. 

“Later this month, authorization for our Nation’s surface transportation programs will expire.  That would place in jeopardy nearly a million private-sector jobs throughout the country and  undercut our efforts to build safer, more modern highways and bridges in West Virginia. Petty partisan bickering simply cannot be allowed to stand in the way of renewing these infrastructure programs. Congress

“After all, better roads, safer bridges and healthy water systems are needs that even Americans of vastly different political leanings agree deserve more Federal investment – not less – and the jobs created by such investment are not Republican jobs or Democratic jobs – they are American jobs.”

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