Ron Paul Widens MSNBC/NBC Presidential Poll Lead; Over 205,000 Votes Now Cast

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter

MSNBC's First Read continues attracting votes for its post-Presidential Republican Debate poll. As of 3:30 a.m. Sept 9, more than 205,000 votes have been cast. Ron Paul has widened his lead over Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Paul has 57.1%, Romney 14.5%, and Perry 12.4%.

Ron Paul widens lead in MSNBC debate online straw poll
Ron Paul widens lead in MSNBC debate online straw poll

Despite the thunderous “thumbs up” for Paul, mainstream media continues to virtually ignore the poll results and the comments about a candidate that the public has enshrined yet the media continues to write him off as not a serious contender for the Presidential nomination. MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post, and L.A. Times all called the debate a Romney vs. Perry event.


“The New York Times, like everyone else, frames last night’s debate a clash between Perry and Romney,” states First Read from MSNBC/NBC.


Those writing short comments in the poll have even slammed the website for disproportionate graphs of the on line straw vote results. Paul’s green line reflecting 57% (over 117,500 votes) is only twice as long as that of second place finisher, Romney, who has received about 25,500 votes.


A non-supporter of Paul stressed the bar graph is “really deceptive,” then ponders whether the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart is “on to something about Ron Paul and the media.” Another admits that in 2008 he voted for Obama. However, the “independent” voter repeats that three years ago the candidates were elitists chosen for us. “They are trying to do it again. The press will not make my choice. Dr. Paul does not waiver and explains himself well. We the people are fed up with elite telling us how we should think.”


A California attorney also questions the pre-determined Romney/Perry express:


“The media attention to those two losers calling them a winner, compared to the poll by the American people that clearly shows Ron Paul by more than 2:1 over Romney? This is just more proof that the media is attempting to control the political outcome. People, do not be fooled. Ron Paul says what he means and means what he says. How come they are so afraid of Ron Paul? Is it because that the federal reserve is going to be shutdown? I mean how the hell can they print money with no value and lend it to us at interest? Biggest scam of them all if you ask me......

One writer stated on Sept. 8 at about 4 a.m. that the Paul poll win was fueled solely by Paul supporters using the internet. But, the writer’s prediction backfired --- “by midday tomorrow, Paul will have slid to his proper place, midway to the bottom.”


Instead , he has widened his lead in first place.


Perry appears upset that Ron Paul mentioned his prior support of Hillary Clinton's health plan
Perry appears upset that Ron Paul mentioned his prior support of Hillary Clinton's health plan


Respondents emphasize that Paul received only three questions during the debate, but “every time he was allowed to talk, he rocked it.”


More specifically, “Dr. Paul is the only one who has never wavered from his set goals which are truly in line with liberty and real conservative values,” a respondent wrote.


“Who do you think won the Republican debate at the Reagan library” has attained over 50 pages of comments from poll voters. And, those commenting have Ron Paul on their mind.


“Ron Paul is the only guy who understands what truly ails America,” the most recent posting reads. Another stated, “the cowardly media is despicable for ignoring him.”



Following President Obama’s jobs speech, John Huntsman, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum have appeared, for instance, on Fox News.


One writer admits that he does not agree with all that Paul advocates. Still, he believes the words from a twelve term Congressman resonate:


I mean the guy is a 12-term congressman, so obviously when people are allowed to actually hear his message it resonates with them.

Paul confronted at debate by Perry
Paul confronted at debate by Perry

Furthermore, these debates are structured in such a way that makes genuine discussion about the issues very difficult. Candidates get a limited amount of time to respond, which is understandable, but it means that they have to condense their arguments into easily digestible sound bytes. It waters down the issues and it makes the American people stupider because they are only exposed to simple arguments and not given the chance to listen to a more articulate and complex argument, like the kind Dr. Paul makes.”

One “vexed” respondent stated that Paul knows “nothing about national security.” But, the writer has obviously not spoken with military families --- Paul already leads a poll amongst those serving in the Armed Forces. He’s also a member of another minority --- he’s one of the few veterans running for the Presidential office.

Interestingly, one writer complains about Paul, but he states that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, another candidate overlooked by media, “did a much better job than all the rest.” Still, Newt’s not his choice for the job: “If Sarah Palin runs, I’m campaigning for her, Obama out 2012.”

Finally, one of those voting in the poll analyzes that “Paul by his 40 plus years of writing and speaking to youthful populations, Ron Paul has already set [the nation] on a path to healing. Due to the life and times of Dr..Ron Paul we now have what we need to overcome.” The writer suggests that whether he wins the most votes in the dash for the Oval Office, “ Ron ,Paul has already won” by shaking and waking Americans to see through the myths foisted upon them by the media. In essence, the popularity of Dr. Paul means that Americans are done with apathetic listening, now, they are ready to think seriously about the responsibility and consequences of choices made at the ballot box.


So, what's next? CNN's Tea Party debate. Will  that network be more objectivie?  So far, they have limited their poll to only THREE GOP candidates? Guess they do not have the ball to put all the names in the poll and let the internet voters do the rest..  But if they have only three listed candidates, they have removed America's right to vote for the candidate of not the media's choice, but the people's choice.