"Sex Tape" Bares All but You May Decry the Angles and Lack of Comedic Rhythm

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"Sex Tape" Bares All but You May Decry the Angles and Lack of Comedic Rhythm

Annie and Jay (Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel ) remember when they first saw each other naked. They remember pondering their future relationship after announcing, "we're in love, we've pregnant," and "we love each other" to Annie's parents, who caution them about the pitfalls of their blissfully envisioned happily ever after. They walk down the aisle and remember making love on their honeymoon. It's downhill from there, however. Kids have a way of inhibiting time and privacy.

The two former college bunny rabbits find time for adult fun when Annie creates a skating adventure to celebrate the sale of her family oriented blog to a major publisher. After awkward starts, Annie proposed a porno "selfie" patterned after "The Joy of Sex." Fun and frolic returns, but Jay neglects to hit the erase button and their "Sex Tape" may soon be available on a cloud for anyone to view.

Reversing the beat the courier race of "Road Trip," where a college dude intercepts a one night stand mistakenly placed in the mail to his fiance, the couple have their scavenger hunt limited to a tank of gas --- the tape is synced to all the I-Pads that Jay gave away to friends, family, business associates and the mailman.

Let's answer the quickie question now, yes Diaz and Segel appear nude. No, they do not appear fully and erotically in the buff. Call "Sex Tape" an exercise in a pristine effort to cater to a husband/wife (ok, significant others) demographic and poke fun at the encumbrances that marriage and family wedge on making love. It's kinda like a moderately conservative critic asking, does the premise require scenes with no clothes to tell the story. The "yes" comes with an irony --- the dialogue is remarkably free of raunchy words; no violence either, except when dog chases and mauls man.

Excuses bring smiling nods, but after the tape has left the marital home, what should have constant frenzy and hilarity stays mostly in the moderately funny category. Diaz and Segel spout their world is coming to an end frantic screams, yet, when the trackdown occurs their scramble for little white lies become lame.

Instead of a steady string of "Neighbors" quality ringers, the critical maneuver at the home of Annie's future employer leaves Jay to trade mauling with a just won't stay down German Shepherd and Annie hitting it off with a family's away CEO of a corporation appealing to the Great American mom.

I hoped for sustained marital and semi erotic jaw droppers; instead the offensive tape is the only elephant on the set. And , it can't be viewed in great detail.

Score an A minus for possibilities but a B minus for fumbling execution.



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