BREAKING... Charter Revision Proposal Would Extend "Interim" Position Period to 120 Days

Updated 3 years ago
BREAKING: The Huntington Charter Review Committee has agreed to recommend altering the time frame to fill executive positions from 60 to 120 days. Mayor Steve Williams indicated there have been periods of management inconsistency due to the 60 day time mandate. Council chairman Mark Bates indicated the 60 day time frame has resulted caused issues both in the filling of the resignation of Chief Fuller during the Wolfe administration and now Police Chief Holbrook . The committee also debated alterations of the still unfilled Director of Administration and Finance.
To avoid confusion with a City Manager form of government, Director of Administration, City Operations Manager and Municipal Operations Manager have been suggested. These proposals, as well as those for garage/motor pool and removal of the civil engineer requirement for Public Works Director will be forwarded to the full council. The work session will be Thursday.
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