WV Health Organizations Unite to Prevent Cancer in WV

Updated 3 years ago

More than a dozen healthcare organizations in West Virginia are issuing a call-to-action to prevent cancers caused by the Human papillomavirus (HPV), such as cervical and head and neck cancers. The announcement will be held at the Saint John XXIII Pastoral Center, 100 Hodges Road in Charleston, at noon on July 24, 2014.


The National Cancer Institute lists West Virginia as having the highest rate of cervical cancer in the nation and the fourth highest annual death rate from this type of cancer.


The organizations’ push for increased use of an anti-cancer vaccine will take place in tandem with a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s teen immunization report being released that day. The CDC’s National Immunization Survey on teen immunization coverage rates (also called NIS-TEEN) is a “report card” to let states know how well they are doing in protecting the nation’s teens from vaccine-preventable diseases, including HPV-related cancers. The West Virginia Immunization Network (WIN) will release figures on vaccination rates of West Virginia’s teens in that report. A cervical cancer survivor also will speak about her experience during the announcement.


Organizations involved are: WV Academy of Family Physicians, Mountains of Hope Cancer Coalition, WV Immunization Network, American Academy of Pediatrics-WV Chapter, WV Association of School Nurses, American Cancer Society, American Congress of OBGYN-WV Section, WV Oral Health Coalition, WV Association of Local Health Departments, WV Rural Health Association, WV Primary Care Association and the WV Bureau for Public Health.


Speaking at the announcement, from noon to 12:30pm, will be:Patricia Davis, Coalition Chairperson, Mountains of Hope; Jeff Neccuzi, Director, Division of Immunization Services, WV Bureau for Public Health; Stephen Sondike, MD, Adolescent Medicine Specialist, WVU-Charleston Division; Michelle Chappell, American Cancer Society; Bobbi Jo Muto, WV Oral Health Coalition; Shelly Dusic, MA, Cervical Cancer Survivor; and Crystal Sheaves, Faculty, WVU and Co-Chair, West Virginia Immunization Network.


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