Huntington Unveils Interactive Planning Site

Edited from a Press Release
Huntington Unveils Interactive Planning Site
City of Huntington Photo
Mayor Steve Williams is pleased to announce the launch of, a new community engagement website where citizens can collaborate with city officials and other residents on the future of Huntington.

The goal of the website, which was developed by MindMixer, is to get the community involved in the planning process. The site will be used as an online tool to generate new ideas and feedback from citizens using this interactive and accessible platform.

Feedback from the engagement website will be used by Mayor Steve Williams’ administration and City Council to lay out plans on a variety of projects. gives contributors a chance to share new ideas, second others’ ideas, expand upon existing ideas and give feedback on initiatives, working with community leaders on a variety of topics online anytime, anywhere.

The site also measures and tracks participation, identifying the most interested citizens and most compelling topics. MindMixer’s tools make it easy for administrators to communicate with citizens, and they deliver measurable results and invaluable insights for the planning process.

MindMixer is based in Kansas City, Mo. Since its beginning in 2010, the company has served more than 700 communities involving 1.6 million participants.
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