Council Members Tweak Charter Proposals during Work Session

by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

Huntington Council members verbally agreed to minor tweaks to proposed charter amendments that will be sent to the voters in November.

First, instead of eliminating the civil engineer requirement from the Public Works Director position, the proposal alters "shall" have a civil engineering certification to "may."

City Attorney Scott McClure explained that "it needs to go on the ballot making it flexible."

More discussion the title change for Director of Finance and Administration.

Mayor Steve Williams asked, "Is city manager the appropriate title," noting that during the charter committee meeting titles ranged from "city operations manager" to "municipal operations manager."

"The concern is making sure the [electorate] understands this is a change of title, not of government," he said.

Council vice chairman Scott Caserta offered to amend the title to "director of operations." He placed his intention on the table stating that he would take comments from council members until Monday night. Based on the feedback from speaking council members at the work session Sandra Clements favored city manager.

"I think the title should be city manager," stated Frances Jackson.

Make Bates countered, "if it's not going to be city manager, leave it what it is."

David Ball stated, "My favorite is municipal operations manager."

The city garage and so-called motor pool would remain, just redefined to add flexibility and use of modern electronic tracking technologies.

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