MSNBC Didn't Get Ron Paul ; Network Does It Again, 9/11 “As It Happened” --- NOT!

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter


Always Remember
Always Remember

Considering the swelling contingent of Americans who , at least, question the official account of September 11, 2001, one would anticipate that MSNBC would to paraphrase Sgt. Joe Friday stick to “the facts.”  Instead, they have opted for a documentary that has obvious cutaway and apparently inserted footage.


The shot taken from across the harbor with smoke billowing on the water is repeatedly inserted particularly when the reports should be coming from lower Manhattan. It’s like hearing the story on the radio, rather than the self-described “scene out of independence day.”


Cut out? Shots on the streets “that looked like a nuclear winter with ash on the buildings.” Having seen unedited versions of the tragedy from all networks, the MSNBC cut-a-way looks like another “whopper” on its audience. “We are at war , this country has suffered a devastating attack, we will have to revisit our freedoms, and we our so vulnerable by the things that make us so great,” states Tom Brokaw just before the screen goes to a written credit summary of the day. It carries a 2007 copyright.

Ironically, the opening of the documentary “9/11 in Our Own Words”  (2011) contains a “warning” about intense content and that some scenes may not have been shown on live TV.” No, they aren’t more instance, previously unseen, or edited for heightened empathy. Instead, they are the obvious cut-a-ways.


“Kennedy was not shot on live TV. The attacks were improvisational,” stated Tom Brokaw, “adding we were skidding in an avalanche [of unverified information].”


You suspect that the graphic warning is a precursor for raw footage from lower Manhattan , of injured survivors, or more perilous close ups of people jumping from a tower trading a fiery death for ten seconds of life flashing during their plunge to the ground.

Describing how “the story takes shape” from  journalists’ words, the “as it happened” stay affixed to stationary wide shot that shows the billowing smoke and occasional flames  focused only on the upper half of the towers.  When the two towers collapse, they avoid scenes from ground level reporters which showed all the blackened dust rushing east.


MSNBC has already been maligned for its handling of what mainstream media titled the  ‘Romney v. Perry GOP debate.” The networks narrowed the field for their hapless viewers, but the on-line poll of the debate “winner” propelled Ron Paul to a landslide victory.


Having watched this documentary continually inserting looped video, you want to know: What’s removed? Of course, those who have not viewed the actual footage from 9/11, likely, would not question the editing which highlights the NYC skyline changing forever. But, the editors test a viewers gullibility when scenes from the ground up or from blocks away are shown for seconds.

Intriguingly, the same is true for the few scenes of “The Pentagon right here in Washington.” They too are wide, often repeated, and stick to widely scene camera viewpoints.  Why do the TV journalists use telephones and ultra safe distance shots for the “as it happened,” rather than allowing the journalists and pictures to tell the stories?


Their “as it happened” has contains  politically correct insights , such as Matt Lauer’s for his on-air  tower “falling away.” If  Lauer  had said “collapsed,” it would be a certainty for those with loved ones trapped.


MSNBC , at least, provides a separate, “On Native Soil,” which stresses the anger and frustration at the powers that be from the perspective of survivors decrying the gaps in the official 9/11 Commission report. Families headed to Capitol Hill contradicting Condoleezza Rice’s defense of government cluelessness to planes as missiles and an unacted upon missed opportunity F.B.I. memorandum. “Why no commission” they demonstrated in front of the White House. What was the Bush Administration afraid of? Truth? Misdeeds? Incompetent delays? Liability? 


Why were not Americans informed of pre-9/11 air threat data?  In fact, why not blend the "survivors" and "commission" account into a 911 calls and cockpit statements documentary blended with the "as it happens?"


Enduring the sanitized “as it happens” and “declaration of war against our country by terrorists,” merits Google searching. “Loose Change” represents one of the critically acclaimed WTC 9/11 documentaries. Click on and take your pick of unanswered 9/11 questions, including the collapse of World Trade Center 7, which came in late afternoon. WT7, in particular , has had the most architects and similar professionals point and scream, “implosion.”


Broadcasters have set up an archive site of what they call real-time footage of another day which changed America. The 9/11 attacks was the first improvisation cameras rolling event, but the United States changed when radio announced the Pearl Harbor attacks, the day John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas, and, perhaps, the Oklahoma City or Columbine tragedies.


Why would Tommy Ordinary become the target of Islamic raids (a paraphrase from Brokow ) ? If your mind is open, you could for the first time have introspective thoughts concerning the governmental version of 9/11.


Hollywood has an emotional heart wringer waiting in the wings for Christmas (to qualify for Academy Awards in large cities) and in late January for the remainder of the country. Based on the acclaimed , “Extremely Loud, Incredible Close,” Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks tell of a young boy coping with his dad’s death in the tower’s on 9/11.


But, it’s a sympathetic survivor perspective, not a torrid investigation of why it happened. At the time, mainstream media were more concerned with the patriotic rush to shock and awe in Iraq and the unsolved anthrax attacks.

Here is the archive link: and

Gone but not Forgotten--- The Twin Towers
Gone but not Forgotten--- The Twin Towers

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