Libertarian Fmr. Del. John Buckley welcomes Mountain Party candidate to Senate race

From Press Release
Hardy Co., WV - Fmr. Del. John Buckley Libertarian for United States Senate, today welcomed into the race the last-minute candidacy of Mountain Party candidate Bob Henry Baber.

Buckley has been campaigning full-time, spreading his “Live & Let Live” campaign message across West Virginia since May

In welcoming Baber, Buckley issued the statement below:

"I am hopeful that Baber's entry may contribute to a more substantive debate over issues, rather than merely about where the candidates are in the polls three months out from the election

It is too bad, however, that he has all but endorsed Democrat Natalie Tennant in his campaign announcement.

Nevertheless, it remains that I am the only candidate on the ballot advocating a consistent message of small government and individual liberty.

The voters now have four choices in the race, instead of three: environmentalist Big Government, liberal Big Government, moderate Big Government, or libertarian small government."

"The coalition of voters backing my campaign spans the conventional political spectrum and illustrates the rapidly growing appeal of my 'Live and Let Live' political message.”

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