DEBATES & POLLS: Maryland State Fair Poll: Perry, Romney and Paul; Ohio Plans Straw Poll

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
DEBATES & POLLS: Maryland State Fair Poll: Perry, Romney and Paul; Ohio Plans Straw Poll

Attendees at the Maryland State Fair in Timonium had an opportunity to vote for their favorite GOP presidential candidate. 900 votes were cast.

Here are the results:

1.   Rick Perry – 25.8%

2.  Mitt Romney – 21.2%

3. Ron Paul – 16.8%

4 Michele Bachmann – 12.5%

5. Sarah Palin – 7.2%

6. Herman Cain – 5.0%

7. Other/Write-Ins – 4.4%

8. Newt Gingrich – 2.3%

9.  Jon Huntsman – 2.2%

10. Rick Santorum – 1.4%

11. Buddy Roemer – 0.5%

12. Gary Johnson – 0.3%

13. Thaddeus McCotter – 0.3%

 That’s the top tier. Yet a has a presidential straw poll for GOP candidates. It’s the August results had Rick Perry 28.6% (+10.8%) followed by Ron Paul 21.2 (+0.2%), Michelle Bachmann 10.4% (-3.2%), Sarah Palin 9.5% (-5.3%), Herman Cain 8.9% (-1.7%), Mitt Romney 6.5% (0%), Chris Christie 6.2% (+0.8%), Newt Gingrich (2.6% (+1.2%) and Rick Santorum 1.8% (+0.8%).

In earlier polls, Paul nabbed the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference poll released February 12, 2011,  with 30% of the tally followed by Mitt Romney 23%, Gary Johnson 6%, Chris Christie 6%, Newt Gingrich 5%, Michele Bachmann 4%, and Sarah Palin 3%. He nearly doubled the votes of second place finisher, Jon Huntsman in the Republican Leadership Conference poll. Partial results of that June poll: Paul 612; Huntsman 382; Bachmann 191; Cain 104; Romney 74; Gingrich 69; Palin 41; and Santorum 30.

David Palmer left an on line comment stating , “I think the majority of the people are coming our way. And, MSM still keeps shoving Mitt Romney down our throats. The revolution is coming… Ron Paul for President.”

Released July 31, 2011, Georgia businessman , Herman Cain, won the Western Conservative Summit poll. He finished with 48% of the vote. Rick Perry had 13%, while both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorium each had 10%. The poll taken in Denver by the Centennial Institute ‘think take’ had 500 voters.  Attaining less than 10% were Michele Bachmann 9%; John Bolton, 4%; Ron Paul 2%; Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty received 1%.

On August 2, 2011, Keith Rodebush stated: “As much as I am concerned about the money system, I am ten times as concerned with Marxists. You Pauliacs need to focus on reality based choices in the near future. You have a choice between inside the Beltway career politicians or a businessman who loves this country more than he loves his job. Citizen legislators are our only hope. The latest fiasco proves it. Even some of the TeaParty folks voted for the debt. Why? Because many of them were state reps, i.e. career pols. Go Herman!”

Washington Post columnist, Chris Cillizza, believes he has an explanation for Paul’s straw poll successes: (1) His base of supporters is large enough to have impact on events where FEW votes are cast; and (2), Established candidates do not make concerted efforts to win. Cillizza writes, “don’t mistake winning straw polls for winning elections. History suggests they are two totally different animals.” As proof, he noted that Romney won the CPAC polls in 2007, 2008, and 2009, when he made an effort to participate.

A commentator known as “Iconblaster” offered this perspective: In a venue small enough to actually convey ideas, ideas tend to prevail over personality (or notoriety) and circus. Despite every effort of the two big parties to maintain their mutual hegemony over the American political arena by marginalizing or co-opting every third party or independent movement (and the facile, lazy complicity of the "Mainstream Media"), Paul represents libertarian ideas that Americans tend to approve, when they actually hear them.”


Despite the belittlement of polls by the Washington Post columnist, Rick Perry has announced plans to get serious in time for Florida’s GOP Sept. 24 Orlando poll. In fact, central Ohio Republican’s now plan the state’s first straw poll.

 [Incidentally, the August 27, Georgia GOP poll did not go to Ron Paul. Herman Cain narrowly came in first with 26% (232)  to Paul’s 25.7%. ]


fter having observed the MSNBC poll snafus related to Rep. Ron Paul, the question arises: What about other , perhaps, not that well known, polls?
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