Rosie the Riveters to be Honored on August 10 in Washington

Updated 3 years ago Edited from a Press Release

In preparation for launching a National Rosie the Riveter Movement, Thanks! Plain and Simple, a West Virginia nonprofit organization, has accepted invitations from two Washington area organizations to show the value of Rosie the Riveters to America’s past, present and future.   The day’s festivities include:

---  The World War II Memorial, 8/10/14, morning.  At least 6 Rosie the Riveters will be present at an event to celebrate the end of World War II, and two “Rosies” will give speeches that morning.  The Spirit of ’45 holds celebrations across the nation and the Washington event is facilitated by the Code of Support, based in Alexandria, VA.     From 9:30 to 10:30, veterans, Rosies and others will build a living wall of plants to depict the war effort.    From 10:30 to noon a formal ceremony will include talks by two Rosies – Crena Anderson from Hagerstown, MD. , who riveted airplanes at Hagerstown, MD and Vienna Hurt from Beckley, who helped to build ships in Norfolk, VA. 


--- Hilton Alexandria Hotel Mark Center, afternoon 1:30-3:30.    Anne Montague and at least one Rosie will speak to the 16th annual session of the National Silver Haired Congress (NSHC) at 2:00.

Meanwhile, all Rosies and supporters who are able will meet in the private dining room where all Rosies present will tell their stories and meet each other.


Thanks! Plain and Simple’s mission is to create projects that need to be done in America and to find ways to involve Americans nationwide.    The Rosie the Riveter Project is their first full-scale project.  Over the last 5 years, they have created both Educational methods (a documentary film, lesson plans, original Rosie music, etc) and Community projects that Rosies and the public complete together (a park, the first building to be named, “The Rosie the Riveter Building,” interviews by students to be preserved for the future, etc.).  Each project is replicable by organizations and communities nationwide.  


“These women are an American treasure. Interviews or events alone do not bring the public’s awareness that Rosies represent the strengths of women to do excellent quality work and to help us people to pull together toward a common goal.  It is our job as a nation to pull together to assure that these women’s work and character have the lasting impact on America that this nation needs and promises,”    explained    Anne Montague, Founding Director,  Thanks! Plain and Simple, Inc.
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