Don't Make Out While in Flight

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor

DETROIT, MICHIGAN (HNN) - Although no war planes arrived too late to have any impact on the 9/11 air attacks, ten years later two fighter jets nabbed a plane. It seems that two of the passengers on the Frontier Airlines flight engaged in "suspicious activity."

What occurred?

Peter Kowalchuck, a spokesman for Frontier Airlines, explained that Flight 623 with its 116 passengers landed in Detroit. Two F-16's escorted the plane. Three passengers are in custody. It appears crew members reported that two people spent "an extraordinarily long time" locked in the bathroom, apparently making out. The "making out" was reported by ABC News.

But, wait, not to be overshadowed, an American Airlines plans was intercepted 100 miles from the Big Apple. Why? American Airlnes spokesman, Tim Smith , said, "In our eyes, it's nothing big." Still, the North American Aerospace Defense Command was brought into action. The plane has landed , but several passengers have locked themselves in the plane's bathroom as it sets on the runway of New York's Kennedy Airport.

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