Huntington Police Rounding Up and Arresting Suspects

Huntington Police Rounding Up and Arresting Suspects
The Huntington Police Department conducted a press conference Tuesday afternoon to update the media on "Operation: River to Jail," a citywide warrant sweep that is the initial wave of a new strategy to combat drug trafficking and associated... crimes.

The Special Investigations Bureau obtained arrest warrants for 63 suspects. Twenty-two people had been arrested as of 4 p.m. Police also seized approximately $40,000 in cash, one vehicle and distribution amounts of heroin, pills and marijuana.

Huntington Police Capt. Rocky Johnson reported that the 11 a.m. bus to Detroit was sold out, and that one suspect attempted to pay for a cab to Detroit before he was apprehended.

Funding for the new strategy was proposed by Mayor Steve Williams and approved by Huntington City Council on July 24. It also involves hiring 10 new police officers later this fiscal year.

"If anyone thinks this is a one-time thing and we're gone, they're either naive or stupid," Williams said during the press conference.

The effort involved participation from more than 50 Huntington Police officers, as well as the Huntington Violent Crime Federal Drug Task Force, Ohio Highway Patrol and the West Virginia Air National Guard.

During the press conference, Cabell County Prosecuting Attorney Sean Hammers said his office assigned a team of prosecutors to assist with the ongoing strategy.

"We knew this was coming," Hammers said.

Also attending the press conference was Matt Boggs of The Healing Place, an addiction recovery center in Huntington. Boggs said now is the time for those battling addiction problems to seek help before they end up in jail. For more information about The Healing Place, call 304-523-4673.
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