Cabell County Schools Enhancing SchoolMessenger Service with Contact Manager Feature

HNN Staff

Cabell County Schools is proud to announce the district is expanding notification options for its SchoolMessenger service with the addition of the Contact Manager feature.

Contact Manager allows parents of students the option of adding a phone number, email address, or text messaging number to the primary phone numbers that the district automatically gathers from student records.  It also allows parents to sign up to receive optional notifications about specific topics of interest, or to receive optional, non-emergency messages from their schools.

“We’re trying to better target our audiences with messages they care about,” says Jedd Flowers, Director of Communications for Cabell County Schools.  “Many parents have expressed they’d like an emergency call to go to an additional relative such as a grandparent, or that they would like to receive an email or text message when we cancel or delay school.  The Contact Manager feature allows them to set up these options.”

Flowers says use of the Contact Manager feature by parents is completely optional.  If they do not sign up, they will continue to receive important messages just as they have in the past.  Contact Manager is there only for their added convenience.

“We download student records nightly with the primary contact information,” he says.  “The only way to update that information is by visiting your school’s office.  Contact Manager simply expands on that information and gives parents more options.”

In addition to allowing parents to manage notification settings, Contact Manager also displays all messages sent out and stores these messages in their original form for 30 days.  This allows parents to revisit important messages or to check for a message if they happen to miss the original call, email, or text message.

In the coming days, Flowers says the district will be sending letters home with students that contain activation codes and enrollment instructions for each Contact Manager account.  Parents will need to follow the detailed instructions in the letter to set up their accounts.

“We’re hoping parents find this feature helpful and that it fosters even better communication with their schools.”

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