"Guardians" Visual Perfection Feast; Humor Flickers, Adventure Commands

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
 "Guardians" Visual Perfection Feast; Humor Flickers, Adventure Commands

Let’s be upfront. I’m not going to go too much against the grain and cast darts at “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  One viewer told me that “it’s overrated.” However, I counter in comparison to what movie(s)?

Digital and special effects, including outer space 3D elements put it on par with the “Star Wars” visuals. There’s the evil, dark side type presence and lots of laser fights.  Effects aside, the story falls short of Jedi Knights and characters like Luke, R2D2, Leia, Darth Vader, and Hans Solo.  Quill, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket  cannot replace those in the classic, though Groot and Rocket  have parallels. For a top of the heap assessment. George Lucas prevails.

Lowering the critical leverage  bar back to earth and other non-iconic outer space odysseys, Marvel’s spoofy “Guardians,” complemented by interwoven 80s tunes has  equals, but (sorry) it’s not without fault, primarily in gag and skit misfires. The extended  “find a plan” works without depicting an inspiration origin. It’s an astute reflection on the emergence of spontaneity “planning” for events favored by Millennials.

A send-up to the alien diverse bar scene from the "Star Wars" series has stupendous amplification considering the increasing drunken casino gambling and the reptile consumption.

Groot and Racoon ("no racoons were harmed in the production of the picture") quickly assemble audience empathy.

Unlike the Lucas series, a non-damsel in distress (i.e. Gamora) trailblazes punch and sling laser light sabers along with an extended female versus female ultimate body slammers. Zoe ("Avatar") Saldana wins the athletic skill competition over the bulked Hulk/Thing (Dave Bautista) .

Blistering space visuals integrate so awesomely there’s not an English language word capable of adequately bestowing credit for artistry majesty, which prevails whether its  star ship battles, delicious glimpses of galaxies far, far away, or the cubed prison maze.

"Guardians" best idiocy soars through intertwining classic tunes and Kevin Bacon references (too bad none of the Guardians try a waltz) which assure laughs and giggles when the drama skirts too illogical. The galaxy saving urgency hastens with the orbs introduction, which galvanizes the team into acting as one for all and all for one.

What's missing? When knives and other weapons threaten to wipe out prominent character(s), you do not feel the doom such as when Darth puts Hans on ice. You know one of the misfits will fire a barb or spin a ruse resulting in the villain rethinking his (or her) conduct.

Speaking of which, don't miss Stan Lee with his currently politically incorrect young damsel in lust. He won't adjust for a cougar. Go Stan.


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