WV Radio launches America’s first ‘Tailgate’ radio station

From Press Release
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- For the first time in radio history, Americans can now hear every genre of popular music on one station.

Friday morning, WV Radio Corp. flipped WKAZ-FM (K Rock) from classic rock to Tailgate FM. Tailgate can also be heard streaming worldwide onTailgate1073.com.

The Tailgate concept is the first FM station in America to play multiple formats of music -- including country, pop, rock and all-time party classics -- on a single station.

WV Radio Market Manager Christian Miller said it's time for radio to reinvent itself. 

"The iPod generation has allowed our younger demographics to listen to all genres of music simultaneously, so we decided it was time give them that experience on the radio.  Tailgate is similar to your iPod on a 50,000-watt transmitter,” Miller said.

Tailgate 107.3 plays “party songs for party people” and always a “Tailgate 12-pack” in a row.  This variety of every popular format mixed together is a concept not currently available on FM, XM or Pandora.

Tailgate 107.3 is one of seven stations WV Radio Corp. owns in Charleston. For more information, contact Christian Miller at (304) 319-5133 orcmiller@wvradio.com.

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