West Virginia’s Largest Sports Card Show Sept 17 & 18 at Barboursville

FromPress Release

Barboursville, WV Holiday Inn hosts WV’s biggest sport’s card show of the year, Sept 17-18. . Dealers from all over the east coast will be at the show which will offer collectors: Vintage cards, newer cards, autographs, memorabilia, cheap cards, supplies, and more.

Uncle Dick & Stamp Cards will be there selling vintage. Both of them are easily considered the 2 biggest vintage dealers on the east coast. Rick Edmunds & Harvey Barker will also be selling vintage. Kevin Bowman, Jeremy Stout, Rich Johnson, Mike Bowman, Doug Massey from Columbus, Nick Howard, and myself will be selling newer stuff. Jeremy Jenkins is going to be selling supplies.

According to Nathan Freeman,  “This is a show you do not want to miss because these out of town guys don’t know when they will be back.” Freeman Sport Cards & Promotions, which in the last five years has produced shows at the BSSA and Huntington Mall, is in charge of the show.

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