“Operation: River to Jail” continues with second warrant sweep

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“Operation: River to Jail” continues with second warrant sweep

HUNTINGTON – The Huntington Police Department’s Detective Bureau launched a citywide warrant sweep Friday morning, the second in as many weeks.

Arrest warrants were obtained for 35 suspects on charges ranging from violent crimes to property crimes. The warrant sweep is a continuation of “Operation: River to Jail,” a new law enforcement strategy to combat drug trafficking and other crimes that are often associated with the activity.

The Police Department initiated the strategy Aug. 5 with a warrant sweep that targeted drug crimes.

“The name of this operation is just as it suggests. If you cross the Ohio River and come to Huntington to engage in illegal activity, you’re going to jail,” Huntington Police Chief Jim Johnson said. “This aggressive strategy will continue for as long as it is needed.”

Funding for the new strategy was proposed by Mayor Steve Williams and approved by Huntington City Council on July 24. It also involves hiring 10 new Huntington Police officers later this fiscal year.

As of 1 p.m. Friday, the following suspects had been arrested in the warrant sweep:

* Michael Gibson, breaking and entering and burglary

* Fred Cornell, forgery

* Michael Beall, receiving and transferring stolen property

* Josh Loftis, embezzlement

* Zyran Scott, domestic battery

* Bruce Adkins, breaking and entering

* James Muncy, receiving and transferring stolen property (two counts)

* Jonathon Long, DVP violation

* Candice Walker (charges not available)


One suspect also was arrested on an outstanding federal warrant. Reguests for information about this arrest and the charges should be directed to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

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