AFL-CIO questions Capito, Mooney and Jenkins' commitment to WV families

From Press Release

CHARLESTON, WV – The West Virginia AFL-CIO’s President Kenny Perdue released the following statement in response to senate and congressional candidates Shelley Moore Capito, Alex Mooney and Evan Jenkins’ hypocritical decision to fly in anti-coal millionaire Mitt Romney for a high-end fundraiser in Charleston:

“Mitt Romney is the polar opposite of what West Virginians need in a leader. You can’t claim you’ll represent West Virginia in Washington and then side with someone who has taken shots at coal and admitted that it’s his job “not to worry” about half of the electorate. This shows just how low Capito, Mooney, and Jenkins will go to woo big-name, East Coast campaign donors -- and how out of touch they are with working West Virginians.”

“Mitt Romney has received heat in recent days for his remarks as governor of Massachusetts where he stated in front of a coal plant that he “would not create or hold onto jobs that kill people”.[1][1] This is only the tip of the iceberg. In 2012, Romney told his rich campaign donors that it was his job “not to care” about 47% of the people in this country because he thought they were too poor.[2][2]

“It’s clear that Romney doesn’t understand or care about West Virginia families. And it’s hypocritical for him to come here and to pretend otherwise.”

“Capito, Mooney and Jenkins must be taking pages from Mitt Romney’s book. Just after they sell themselves to West Virginia as “friends of coal”, they turn around and take money from Romney and his Wall Street friends who have nothing but contempt for West Virginians and the coal industry. We need leaders who are proud of this state and who will stand up for us and our interests in Washington, not turn around and take money from the highest bidder.”

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