Names Released of Five Arrested in West Huntington Drug Bust

by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Names Released of Five Arrested in West Huntington Drug Bust

Neighbors cheered when Huntington police entered a house in the 2100 block of Adams Avenue Monday evening, August 25, which had operated as a heroin and crack distribution center. Police Chief Jimmy Johnson made the announcement during the Huntington City Council meeting.

"Car loads of people stopped and said thank you, thank you," Chief Johnson said."It was so unbelievable. We've had it before, but this was a busy street." People also exited their homes and clapped during the arrests.

Those arrested are:

n  Desiree M. Pressley, 23, of Huntington

n  Kimberly Hazinski, 43, of Huntington

n  Heather Butcher, 29, of Huntington

n  Ryaa Fortune, 31, of Detroit                   

hn John David Miller, 22, of Detroit            


All five were arrested on felony charges of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. The investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are possible.


Both Chief Johnson  and Mayor Steve Williams called this a "warm Huntington welcome" for the Detroit out-of-towners, explaining that this  is part of the ongoing "River to Jail" initiative. Bicycle,  foot patrols, and greater citizen interaction are part of the tactics in the designated area.


Lt. Rocky Johnson indicated that residents had been helpful in obtaining the search warrant. Police entered the house with the drugs on the scales. A significant amount of drugs did not make it to the streets of Huntington. Three women and two men have been arrested.

Since Operation River to Jail began July 24, not including Monday's additions, there have been 41 drug arrests, 19 drug related/violent crime arrests,  $62,301 in U.S. currency seized, and 15 firearms seized. In addition to these numbers, HPD has recovered distributable amounts of heroin and crack cocaine from multiple locations.

Citizen involvement and officer assistance has increased during the initiative to eliminate narcotics issues in the city. The River to Jail program has received overwhelming positive impact, too.


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