Storm Overpowered Huntington's Infrastructure

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Storm Overpowered Huntington's Infrastructure

"If we get two-and-a-half inches of rain in that length of time,"  Lou Akers, Water Quality Director told City Council Monday, Aug. 25, " there will be issues." He indicated that "we had all people on the street" during the deluge which flooded the usual Huntington locations, including Pullman Square.

Stanford Park took a hard hit too. A representative of that subdivision asked council about corrective action.

Mayor Steve Williams said "construction plans are being formulated" for the city's prioritized flood plagued areas. The new Water Quality fee goes into effect October 1. In no specific order, these are priority fixes: the viaducts, Third and Fifth Avenues, Arlington Park and Stanford Park .

Williams reported that from Feb. 1 to July 1, the Huntington Sanitary Board cleaned 97 catch basins. Since July 1, The Sanitary Board has cleaned 21 catch basins and repaired five others.

The Sanitary Board is in the process of hiring a laborer to operate a second vacuum truck, which will be dedicated solely to cleaning catch basins.

Once the second vacuum truck is operational, the Sanitary Board anticipates it will be able to clean 18-25 catch basins per week. It is expected to take approximately 1-1 ½ years to clean all catch basins in the city during the first cycle.

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