Mayor Talks of Arts Economic Multipliers

Updated 4 years ago Edited from a Press Release
Mayor Talks of Arts Economic Multipliers

Huntington Mayor Steve Williams has often spoken on how arts and entertainment events, particularly up and coming home grown performers, create economic multiplier impacts by living in the city.

"If we could draw people with artistic abilities from within the community and give them the opportunity to build on that, just imagine the ripple effect that could have on our city," Williams said, duringing at a community brainstorming session Thursday morning, August 28, about the redevelopment of the Corbin plant in Westmoreland.

The Coalfield Development Corp., a nonprofit that serves as a workforce training and life skills program for high school graduates from low-income areas of Wayne County, recently received a low-interest loan to redevelop the vacant, 100,000-square-foot plant and hosted the community meeting.

The corporation's goal for the property is to turn it into a creative hub through living and working space for eight to twelve artists who also would receive business training; a warehouse and workshop for deconstructed materials; and community space, among other ideas

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