Mimi Hernandez, RH to be Keynote Speaker at WV Herb Association Fall Festival

From Press Release
Mimi Hernandez, MS, RH, American Herbalist Guild Executive  Director
Mimi Hernandez, MS, RH, American Herbalist Guild Executive Director

The West Virginia Herb Association is celebrating its 22nd Anniversary by having Mimi Hernandez, MS, RH, American Herbalist Guild Executive Director, as their keynote speaker.

Mimi Hernandez is a clinical herbalist and herbal educator whose courses balance traditional reverence with scientific understanding and intuitive awareness.  She has served as the Director of the Appalachian Center for Ethnobotanical Studies at Frostburg State University in Maryland where she taught undergraduate Ethnobotany.  With roots in Asheville, NC, Mimi is a founder of the One World Healing Arts Institute and continues to mentor community herbalists through the One World Healing Community.  She holds a Master of Science Degree in Herbal Medicine and some of her favorite mentors have included James Duke,Simon Mills and Rocio Alarcon.  As an herbalist, Mimi draws upon her rich ethnic background and the Granny healers and Shamans in her life.  She believes that the handing down of plant wisdom is essential.

  Mimi currently serves as the Executive Director of the American Herbalists Guild.  In her Appalachian region Mimi is probably best known for providing cultural heritage outreach to local mountain residents through the Maryland Mountain Herbalist Series and through the West Virginia Mountain Roots Series which put her in contact with thousands of landowners, herbalists, growers, and entrepreneurs in the area.  Mimi was also the coordinator of the Frostburg Grows project, an EPA funded local greenhouse complex serving to produce food for local use and nature trees for mine land restoration.  In her spare time, Mimi enjoys rapping for fun (as some of you may have heard), amateur astrology and nature time, especially around waterfalls, creeks and oceans.  Mimi's a Mom of two cool and unique kids, Anais and Evan.   The West Virginia Herb Association Fall Festival will be held at Jackson's Mill, Lewis County, West Virginia on Friday Sept. 26th and Saturday, Sept. 27th, 2014.  For Registration Find us On Facebook:  Friends and Members of WV Herb Association.  The schedule will be posted there.  Melissa Dennison, President of the WV Herb Association says, "I am excited and enthusiastic about having Mimi come to the WV Herb Association Fall Festival - it is a privilege and an honor to hear her.  I hope those who are interested and want to learn more about herbs and their uses come and join us."
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