Bronson Still Has His Bond Skills as "November Man"

Updated 3 years ago by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Bronson Still Has His Bond Skills as "November Man"

Reshaping the 'spy versus spy' world to one that emphasizes terrorists without a country has been the immediate goal of international thrillers. That's a vast shift from decades of films in which adversaries were Cold War countries or splinter groups.

Pierce ("Die Another Day") Brosnan   laid down his James Bond gear over a decade ago, but he still has his way with international beauties and astute intuition for scouting rooftop assassins, approaching rogues, and coolly debonair word play.  Known as CIA operative Peter Devereaux., he's called from semi-retirement to "escort" a ravishing redhead
(Olga Kurylenko) away from Moscow to decode her sensitive knowledge of a Russian political up and comer.

Keeping the playing field relatively narrow, "The November Man" resurrects U.S.S.R. and U.S.A. tensions as counter spies and 'hot' female insurgents out maneuver and double cross seeking the same regime change intelligence.

Ousting gadgets , ostentatious vehicles, and satellite rendezvous, director Roger ("Bank Job", "No Way Out") Donaldson  relies on brains, sleight of hand, Bronson's perfect reflexes, and perfect target shooting as he seeks vengeance for succumbing to an assassins fatal flaw --- falling in love. His former student David Mason (Luke Bracey)  adheres reliantly to his code book as cats, mice and women deploy extended cell phone traces and on the street where you walk surveillance in this  high stakes espionage thriller.

Tough Russian woman replace Bond's glamorously distressed sensual beauties. These gals, even when facing oblivion, have  equal equations on their tables, not lipstick and lingerie.

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