West Virginia Mayor seeks hope and healing from a higher power

Updated 3 years ago From Press Release

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – “There is a level of addiction in our city, in our region, that is taking us down.”


Substance abuse addiction doesn’t discriminate. It robs the shining stars of our communities: those talented individuals who could have had the world if substance abuse wouldn’t have taken hold of everything they held dear. It affects parents, children, sisters, brothers, friends and the community at large.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 46 people die from prescription drug overdoses every day. In West Virginia, substance abuse is a leading cause of death, crime and an overall low sense of morale. In West Virginia, 96 to 143 painkillers are prescribed for every 100 people. The CDC reports that West Virginia leads the nation in drug overdose deaths per capita.


And for the City of Huntington, the newspapers are peppered with reports of substance abuse-related arrests, incarcerations and tales of tragedy.


Next weekend, community members are joining to let the light shine back into the streets of Huntington.


A few weeks ago, Huntington Mayor Steve Williams met with a small group of local pastors, as well as Mission Tri-State, to discuss substance abuse-related issues and show them a video – a video he never imagined would take a viral life of its own.


In the video, Mayor Williams asks the community to “Pray for Huntington” on Sunday, Sept. 7 at

11:05 a.m.


“Join all the other churches, ministers and congregations in the Tri-State for one day, in one service, [to lift] our voices up for the healing of our community,” said Mayor Williams in the video.


Sept. 7, or “OneSunday,” is an invitation for people of all faiths to come together to pray for one common goal: to alleviate substance abuse issues in our community. Pray in the congregation of your church, in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you are.

Mayor Williams asks those who live and work in the City of Huntington to pray for the healing of those addicted to substances, the protection of law enforcement officers who serve and protect our community and the “delivery of drug dealers from the life of crime.”

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