Huntington Mayor Speaks of Hope at Her Place Opening

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Huntington Mayor Speaks of Hope at Her Place Opening
Photo: Mayor's Office
HER Place, a new women's addiction recovery outreach center, conducted an open house celebration Tuesday evening at the Barnett Community Center, 1524 10th Ave.

HER Place is a place where women, children and families can find a safe and nurturing environment that will offer free access to peer support services and educational programs that will empower recovery from addiction.

The idea for HER Place was birthed by Margaret Van Zandt in March after attending the funeral of a close friend who had lost her battle with addiction.

"We're trying to stop the intergenerational transmission of addiction," Van Zandt said. "It runs in families and we have to stop it somewhere."

Mayor Steve Williams also spoke during the event and said HER Place is an example of the community's resiliency.

"The beauty of HER Place is we are here to foster hope, to let those who are afflicted with disease know what this town is about," Williams said. "We are here to support one another."

For more information about HER Place, call 304-525-7394 or visit
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