Art Auction at St. Mary’s Conference Center

Updated 3 years ago From Press Release

On September 18th, an art auction will be held at St. Mary’s Conference Center to raise funds for the Cabell-Wayne Animal Shelter.

The auction is looking for 25 art auction items, and some do not have to paintings. They are also looking for donated items to sell before the auction like prints, cards, and other similar items.
  If you donate a painting or some other art item you will be given a ticket to the event and you may stand next to your item to talk to people about your work. Tickets are $20 for wine and pasta bar.      Time about 6:00pm, wine first, then pasta bar, and then the auction at about 7pm. Items need to be donated by Sept. 1st so that a catalogue can be printed with auction items.  Joanie Ward can be contacted at Bella Consignment 304-697-1774 .for more information.
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