Huntington's Mayor Preparing for "Frightening" Winter Blast

Updated 6 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Huntington's Mayor Preparing for "Frightening" Winter Blast
Huntington Mayor Steve Williams and Council Chairman Mark Bates lavished praise upon employees of the city departments of Water Quality, Public Works, Fire and Police for their professionalism in handling the Saturday flooding, particularly those working near Joan C. Edwards Stadium.

Williams called their efforts "top drawer" and "world class" explaining that all responded prior to a call out. "We've got to get this fixed," Williams told council, thanking council for prior infrastructure repair authorization. "Help is on the way."

However, the Mayor told HNN that he's thinking beyond high water. He's concerned about winter weather.

"We are expecting an even worse winter than last year, which is frightening," Williams said.

He said employees are "making sure our snow removal system and street salting (plans)" are reviewed. "I'm insisting that we have enough snow plows," Williams said, adding "it's an absolute disgrace to have only four snow plows in a city our size."

Explaining that the shortage of plows "has been ignored over the years," the Mayor added, "we don't have enough trucks [either]."

Williams holds himself responsible.

"I was pushing for this when I was on council and allowed myself to be talked out of it. I have no one to blame now but myself."

While the Mayor said he is learning to "trust my instincts," he also revealed to council that  the City finished the fiscal year "$700,000 ahead of budget (after allowance for encumbrances)." This gives the city a four million dollar contingency fund. "We have more than enough to cover the 10% municipal fee reduction" that takes effect Oct. 1 with the institution of the water quality service fee.
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