Huntington Council Plans Investigation of Cab Franchise

Updated 4 years ago HNN Staff
David Ball
David Ball

Some Huntington City Council members will begin an investigation of the Yellow Cab Company franchise in the city. At large councilman David Ball told members Monday, Sept. 8, that he was "tired of calling a cab and good luck" in the timeliness of its arrival. Busy signals lasting a hour are common , too.

Further, Ball is  upset that Yellow Cab moved their fleet and office to Ohio, where they apparently pay no Huntington fees.

Mayor Williams indicated, "This sounds like a job for a council committee," noting that the West Virginia Public Service Commission regulates common carriers, such as taxis.

Ball complained that "cabs often don't show up and when you call back (dispatchers) are rude." He contends that smoking occurs in cabs which violate city and county ordinances, that the driver's should have to pass a background check, and that vehicles registered in Ohio should be inspected by the city.

Williams said an inquiry should determine what regulatory powers, if any, the city has over  the franchise. Alluding to a possible hearing where the cab company would be offered an opportunity to speak, he  suggested that the findings could be sent to the WV Public Service Commission as a "petition" from council.

Council Chairman Mark Bates referred the matter to council's Public Safety Committee, which Ball chairs. No date has been set for input.



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