Grammy Winner on Jomie Jazz Series Sept. 20

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Grammy Winner on Jomie Jazz Series Sept. 20
HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – Grammy Award winner Chip McNeill will perform at Marshall University’s Jomie Jazz Forum at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 20, as part of the Jomie Jazz Guest Artist Series. McNeill will be accompanied by Dr. Sean Parsons (piano), Phil Bowden (bass) and Steve Hall (drums). The group will be performing jazz standards as well as original compositions.

McNeill, who has performed with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr., will also be working with Marshall music students during his stay.

Parsons, who is an associate professor of music at Marshall, studied with McNeill as a doctoral student at the University of Illinois.

“At the invitation of one of my former students, Dr. Parsons, I plan to come to Marshall and to reiterate concepts, ideas, ways of making music and jazz specifically that will help the music students succeed in a career in music and jazz,” McNeill said.

Parsons said that McNeill is an enthusiastic educator.

One thing youll notice about Chip is he takes no prisoners in his performance or his teaching,” Parsons said. Itgo time from the downbeat, and you better be ready to get on board because hes not going to wait for you … Chip McNeill has been a big influence on my life as a musician. The time I spent in the classroom and in professional music situations with him has been instrumental in my development as an educator and performer. He is the type of artist who can share his experiences through his music, and one cant help but learn from him.

In addition to his position with the University of Illinois School of Music, McNeill is musical director and jazz tenor saxophonist for Grammy Award-winning recording artist Arturo Sandoval. He has toured with and recorded the compact discs “American” and “Hot House” with Sandoval. In 1998, “Hot House” won a Grammy for Best Latin Jazz recording. McNeill won a Grammy for his performance on “Hot House,” and two of his charts were nominated for Grammys from the recording.

McNeill has also performed and toured with the legendary jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson, with whom he produced, wrote and performed on several recordings, including “Live in London,” “These Cats can Swing,” and Ferguson’s final recording, “The One and Only.”

In addition to Sinatra and Davis, McNeill has performed with Joe Williams, Dizzy Gillespie, Billy Eckstine and Wynton Marsalis. He has performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the Monterey Jazz Festival in California, and the Noto Jazz Festival in Japan.

The Sept. 20 concert is free and open to the public. The Jomie Jazz Forum is located on 5th Avenue in Huntington, connected to the Joan C. Edwards Performing Arts Center.

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