Five Detroit Men Arrested in Olive Street Drug Raid Following Bar Shooting

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Five Detroit Men Arrested in Olive Street Drug Raid Following Bar Shooting
A shooting Saturday morning September 13 at Whiskey Rocks, 809 3rd Ave,  has led to the arrest of a Detroit  suspect during a drug raid Monday evening, Sept.15, at 329  Olive Street, where  four  additional Detroit men were arrested on drug distribution charges. All had been present at Whiskey Rocks.


Surveillance video of the Whiskey Rocks shooting shows about a dozen shots fired, one of which hit a bystander. Roger Triplett, of Glenwood, who remains in the hospital recovering from a serious, non-life threatening stomach wound. Police have charged Damon Bailes, a.k.a. "paper," 23, with unlawful wounding, wanton endangerment, and possession with intent to deliver.  Two unidentified suspects are seen firing into the crowd of patrons fleeing the scene.

"As far as we can determine, the shoot out did not have anything to do with drugs," Police Chief Jim Johnson told HNN Tuesday evening, Sept. 16. "It was not a drug territorial dispute. This was a disturbance between Detroit drug dealers that led to an innocent bystander being seriously wounded."

Obviously, "we do not have shoot outs everyday. But these are the kind of people with whom we are dealing," Johnson said.

Stopping a vehicle on Madison Avenue that matched one that left the bar led Huntington Police Department investigators  to   Olive Street  where officers seized eight guns, thousands of dollars  a distribution amount of heroin, and made the five arrests.

"Drug raids are scary,"  the chief said, continuing,"It's not uncommon to find assault rifles on these guys.  We have to be prepared."

Chief Johnson stressed Huntington's "drug problem is not worse than other cities our size, but we are aggressively attacking it.  It's bad. Everybody knows it's bad. We're working on it and the guys on the police department are doing a great job. The Mayor and council had the foresight to put more resources into the police department through the River to Jail initiative and that's why we are having tremendous success."

He cited Officers Wiles, Butler, and Wright  for  " a heroic and terrific job" securing the Olive Street scene until the department  could get more officers up there. "These are dangerous people we are dealing with. That's why we have to go in with overwhelming numbers."
Johnson praised Prosecutor Sean Hammers'  office too,  which  is absolutely on board River to Jail and doing a terrific job.

"The last seven felony cases brought by the Huntington Police Department were so strong and the prosecutor's office had done such a good job that they (the suspects) plead guilty during the preliminary hearings which is something I have never heard of before," Johnson said.

But federal and state lawmakers are not walking the walk and making tough financial decisions.

"If lawmakers and politicians really want to do something , then, they would find funding to help cities like Huntington. Quit talking , make decisions, and provide resources," Johnson said.

Arrested at Olive Street were:  Timothy Davan Luckett, aka "J", Timothy Luckett, 31, aka “J”, of Detroit; Alante Allan, 22, aka “Suey”, of Detroit; Christopher Capers, 26, aka “Baby Boy”, of Fernsdale, Michigan; and Clifford Harris, 26, aka “B”, of Detroit.

They face possession with intent to deliver charges.  Luckett has three warrants on him for the same charges in addition to providing false information to a trooper. Allan is also charged with obstructing an officer and has a DUI capias.

Additional arrests are possible as the video shows at least one  unidentified man randomly firing shots inside the crowded Third Avenue bar. The police department's anonymous tip line number is 304-696-4444.
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