WV 'Acting' Governor’s Coal Rally ‘Rhetoric’ Softened

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
Taking Aim....
Taking Aim....

CHARLESTON, WV (HNN) – Following the Tucson shootings, strong political rhetoric has been under a microscope.  On Wednesday, Jan. 19, acting WV Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin found his description of a rally for coal and against the EPA caught near a bulls eye.


His internet banners first announced the Thursday, Jan. 20 , 2 p.m. event as a “call to arms.” After a bit of scrutiny, his banner changed to the more contrite ‘coal rally.’


Organized to protest the denial of a mountain top removal permit by EPA, acting Gov. Tomblin will speak along with legislative and labor leaders in support of reinstatement of the permit.


“Our coal industry provides jobs forour men and women, money for our children’s education, and energy for our country’s growing appetite for electricity,” acting  Gov. Tomblin said. “We must stand up and show federal regulators that we will not retreat from their unfair actions. We will continue to fight not just for the Spruce Number One mine but for every coal miner, coal company and for our way of life.”


However, two organizations, Whitesville based Coal River Mountain Watch and Huntington based Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition , believe the acting governor will not mention “serious negative effects on human health, blasting damage, stream contamination, increased risk of flooding, disbandment of long-standing communities and the destruction of cultural heritage.”


Members of the CRMW and OVEC will bring photographs and water samples to the capitol to remind the acting  governor and other politicians how coal impacts our health, our wallets, and forest and streams.


The rally will be held on the fountain side of the State Capitol.