House of Delegate Candidate Patrick Lucas Says WV's Greatest Challenge Lack of Good Jobs

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House of Delegate Candidate Patrick Lucas Says WV's Greatest Challenge Lack of Good Jobs

Editor's Note: HNN has sent a series of questions to Cabell & Wayne County Legislative Candidates. Between now and election day, we will run candidate answers.

Patrick Lucas (Republican), Candidate for WV House of Delegates, District 16 (Cabell / Lincoln)

1.  What are your reasons for running for this office?

LUCAS: I am a Small Business Owner. I understand the challenges facing business owners that keep them from hiring more West Virginians. I am running so I can write and pass meaningful legislation that will move our state forward by increasing the good jobs available in our state. The best way to improve our economy is to put more of our citizens to work.

2.  What are WV's greatest challenges and how will you work to find solutions?

LUCAS: West Virginia's greatest challenge is it's current lack of good jobs. I will work with employers, community leaders, and other legislators to lower our oppressive business tax rates and improve our burdensome business liability laws so we will become a much more business-friendly state. Only then will businesses look to expand to West Virginia. Once that happens, more jobs will be available to our college graduates so they can stay in West Virginia, instead of moving to nearby states for better job opportunities.

3. From your perspective, what are the significant "mistaken choices" (if any) made by Local politicians in the past?

LUCAS:  The most glaring "mistaken choices" I have witnessed in my lifetime involve business development in Huntington. Over 30 years ago, local politicians failed to bring a Mall to Huntington. It went to the Barboursville/Ona area instead, and has been a great success. More recently, local politicians failed in a number of ways in the development of Pullman Square. That development was supposed to be much larger, with more retail space, and a medical facility, which would have driven more consumers to the site.

4. What are some of areas greatest assets?

LUCAS: Our area's greatest asset is it's people. We are blessed to count ourselves among some of the hardest working people in the country. Those hard working people need the legislature to work hard to make sure that they have every opportunity to succeed. I will work to ensure that good jobs become plentiful, the coal industry is protected, students receive the best education possible, and the drug problem in our state is diminished.

5. What are our areas biggest problems?

LUCAS:  I believe our biggest problem is a lack of good jobs. Others might say that our drug issue is the biggest problem. However, I contend that a significant part of our drug problem is directly related to a lack of good jobs. When people are unemployed, they become depressed, desperate, and bored. Those are 3 of the biggest reasons why people turn to drugs as an escape. When people are gainfully employed, they have a better outlook on life and see themselves as contributing positively to society. They also feel like they are taking better care of their family. When people feel positively about their role in their family and community, they are much less likely to develop a drug problem.

6. Why should voters elect you?

LUCAS: Voters should elect me because I have proven to be a positive leader in our community. Over the past 2 decades, I have served as a leader in my church, my profession, my community, and my family. I have served as President of the Huntington Board of Realtors for 3 terms, President of Huntington Area Habitat for Humanity for 3 terms, and I am the President and Owner of a successful real estate firm. I was born in Cabell County, and I have never moved elsewhere. This is my home, and I will serve the citizens of my district and state with passion and integrity.

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