Paul Wins California Republican Party Straw Poll; Bomb Close to $1 Million

Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

As the Ron Paul Constitutional money bomb fund raiser tops $966,000, the California Republican Party has just released the state's straw poll results. Convention attendees cast 833 voters and Rep. Ron Paul receuved 44.9% (374 votes) followed by Gov. Rick Perry, 29.3% (244) and Mitt Romney 8.8% (74). Michelle Bachmann received 7.7% (64) votes.

Earlier, reports of a large number of Paul supporters at the convention had been revealed.

Readers of the Sacramento Bee have give Rep. Paul a 59% lead (2,723 votes) followed by Rick Perry , 8%, and Mitt Romney, 7 %. . However, the September statewide Field Poll gives Romney 28%, Perry 20% , Palin 8% and Paul 7%. Neither Romney nor Perry could beat President Obama in the California , according to the September Field Poll ---Romney had 38% and Perry 35%.

Delegates at the Pennsylvania GOP convention favored their Senator Rick Santorum in a Friday night poll. Sen. Santorum captured 36% followed by Romney's 25% and Perry's 18%. None of the other GOP contenders cracked double digits.

Jim Lundberg, a Paul supporter who attended the California convention, posted:   "Ron Paul had about 1000 supporters there, while Rick Perry had about 30, and there were none for Romney or Bachmann.  I did see one couple for Cain.   But Ron Paul has the support of the people, but of course they will not publicize the results of this poll, because it will make Ron Paul look too good. After the events concluded the church group that came to support Perry were walking by our van with Ron Paul magnetic sign and asked us for literature and a bumper sticker...too funny!"

Responding to a posting that said the campaign is about "jobs," but did not name a candidate in support, a Paul poster retorted, "If Ron Paul does not win America is doomed to fall like Russia."

Another reader took a shot at Rick Perry's hot button state ordered HPV immunization asking "why didn't he just pray for rain, for the fires and for financial healing... guess [a] $5,000 [contribution] goes a long way after all."