City Attorney Resigns

Updated 4 years ago by Brian Chambers, Director of Communications City of Huntington
Scott McClure
Scott McClure
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HUNTINGTON – Mayor Steve Williams and City Council Chairman Mark Bates received notification from Scott McClure on Sept. 30 that he is resigning from his position as city attorney.

McClure’s resignation will be effective Oct. 14. 

The city attorney represents both the mayor and City Council. Williams and Bates will meet in the near future to discuss the next steps.

McClure was hired by the city in June 1998 as a legal assistant. He was named assistant city attorney in October 1998, and was promoted again to city attorney in January 2005. 

McClure had previously rendered an advisory opinion to council regarding Councilman Pete Gillespie that "moral turpitude" based on his legal research would equate to a felony.

When activist Tom McCallister challenged Mayor Steve Williams delay in the appointment of a successor to Director of Finance and Administration , McClure advised council that the office was a "will and pleasure" of the Mayor appointment. The City Charter states there "shall" be such a position. McClure recommended that a court ruling be obtained on the time specified to fill a vacancy.

 It is not known whether any of these issues may have led to McClure's decision. He resigned September 30, on the same day that chairman Mark Bates had polled council about Gillespie's violation of home confinement.

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