Detroit Man Arrested on Drug Charges

HUNTINGTON -- The Huntington Police Department continued its Operation: River to Jail initiative on Friday with the arrest of another individual from the Detroit area.

Martez McCoy, 24, of Detroit, was arrested and charged with two counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, a felony, and fleeing from an officer. 

Huntington Police officers Kyle Patton and Ernie Blackburn stopped a man early Friday in the 1300 block of 4th Avenue. During the stop, the officers found the man was carrying a large quantity of Oxycodone (540 dosage units) and 120 ml of Phenergan with codeine. The narcotics have an approximate street value of $20,000.

McCoy was arraigned in Cabell County Magistrate Court. His cash-only bond was set at $205,000.

The arrest was made through coordinated efforts of the Police Department’s Patrol Bureau and Special Emphasis Unit.

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