Councilman Asks for Lawmarker Intervention after Detroit Fugitive Returns, Again Arrested in Huntington

Updated 4 years ago
This is extremely frustrating !! Jamaile Huey was arrested on the first round up from River to Jail back on August 5th and extradited to Detroit on outstanding warrants. Detroit then turns around and let's this thug back out on the street giving him the ability to return to Huntington?
  Our officers spent hours today tracking Huey down, placing their lives in danger once again. Huey will be extradited again to Detroit on warrants for being a Fugitive From Justice, what is going to keep him there this time?   This is where our Legislation needs to step in and work with area Law Enforcement agencies to find a way to keep these drug thugs locked up!! This is not a merry go round, not a game. The city of Huntington is leading the way on eradicating our area of these drug dealers, we need help and Detroit needs to find a way to Keep Them !

Scott Caserta City Councilman District 7
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