Marshall Libertarians Want to Bring Ron Paul to Campus; 400 Signatures Already Gathered

HNN Staff

HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) – Marshall University’s Libertarians have a goal --- they want to bring Congressman Ron Paul to campus for a speaking engagement.

The group hopes to collect 2,000 signatures of students and faculty members.

Tim Sanders, president of the group, said, “We have over 400 signatures already.” In addition, they gave a 30 minute interview to WEMM Radio.

They will be in Harless Hall, Monday, January 24. “It’s actually the dining hall on Fifth Avenue,” Sanders said. “We should have a table set up right inside the main doors.”

Why choose  the Congressman and former Presidential candidate as a potential  Marshall speaker?

“He is by far the leader of the liberty movement and the philosophy of peace, prosperity, and liberty is something that all Americans need to learn about," Sander explained, adding,  "We know that Marshall isn't the biggest campus, but we're dedicated and believe that we can welcome Congressman Paul just as well as any other university."

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