Fox News Debate Failed in Candidate Face Time Matching Poll Standings

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Ron Paul at Earlier Presidential Debate
Ron Paul at Earlier Presidential Debate

Introduction by Tony Rutherford

Fox News and Google purported to have a novel approach that would remedy the criticisms from past Republican Debates, where they have became a two-man Romney/Perry show. Although the other candidates stand on the stage, they do not receive the same attention as the mainstream media front runners. Rep. Ron Paul has been placing third in most polls, but he's not receiving the proximate attention for the candidate down one from the Top Two. For that matter, other than Romney/Perry, follow up questions have not occurred.

Wes Hemings has analyzed "face time" statistics of the debates. He anticipated that their permitted debate participation would reflect polling popularity. What he found was that Rep. Paul came in next to last in speaking time at the debate. He finished just above , a new candidate, Gary Johnson.

Here's the full GOP debate "face time" analysis , which was posed at

by Wes Hemings

Dawn of the

Adding a new candidate to the mix, Gary Johnson, did not seem to alleviate the proportional speaking time experienced in past debates. However, the front-runner Rick Perry has come down from his average debate talking time of 14:27 (Perry=13:54 CNN, 14:59 MSNBC) to a still well above average of 11:10 being bested by Mitt Romney with 12:09.

However, it is still very easy to see a lot of the talking opportunities were left primarily to Perry & Romney accounting for 13 and 15 talking turns respectively. It is important to note that there were only 5 follow-up questions asked, 3 of which went to Perry & Romney. There were also 13 responses allowed (a candidate responding directly to another candidate), 9 of which were from Rick Perry & Mitt Romney combined.

If one looks at the polls as an indication as to how much debate allotment should be doled out to whom, then Fox has failed. Perry, Romney, Ron Paul, Bachmann are the order of the candidates in the polls, yet Ron Paul was only above Gary Johnson in his talking opportunities with only 6 total turns talking. Without the 3 blanket questions this left Paul with only 3 questions directed specifically to him, whereas Santorum, Huntsman, Bachmann, Gingrich and Cain were given more opportunities. It should then come as no surprise that Johnson and Paul came in as the longest to wait between turns talking. Johnson waited an average of 14:05, and Paul waited an average of 9:31.

Here are your statistics on the GOP Presidential Debate:


Original Link for Statistics and Analysis:

Total Talk
Romney 12:09
Perry 11:10
Huntsman 07:41
Santorum 07:06
Cain 06:23
Bachmann 06:13
Gingrich 05:44
Ron Paul 04:33

% of Total Talk Time
Romney 18.65%
Perry 17.14%
Huntsman 11.79%
Santorum 10.90%
Cain 9.80%
Bachmann 9.54%
Gingrich 8.80%
Ron Paul 6.98%
Johnson 6.40%

Turns Talking
Romney 15
Perry 13
Santorum 9
Huntsman 9
Bachmann 8
Gingrich 7
Cain 7
Ron Paul 6
Johnson 5
Total 79

Questions Responses Follow-ups
Perry 8 4 1
Romney 8 5 2
Bachmann 7 1 0
Gingrich 7 0 0
Cain 7 0 0
Santorum 7 1 1
Ron Paul 6 0 0
Huntsman 6 2 1
Johnson 5 0 0
Total 61 13 5

Avg Time between Talks
Johnson 14:05
Ron Paul 09:31
Cain 08:16
Gingrich 07:56
Huntsman 07:11
Bachmann 07:10
Santorum 06:43
Romney 04:46


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