by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
A License to Steal, Kill, Cover Up and Do it All Over Again


Ian Fleming's 007 had a license to kill. When James Bond sprayed bullets , broke a neck, or inserted a poison in a drink, the results happened now. Rack up a body count.

However, contracts issued by the Department of Energy (a.k.a. Atomic Energy Commission) contain incentive to score excellent on safety. Executives working far away from the radioactive material had no economic reason to tell the truth. Their contract with the DOE awarded them more funding for early project completion, for not having loss of time accidents that require hospitalization, for containing spills to the "fence," and since radiation has a latency period in the human body, they could continually state: The workers are not sick or, it's just them, not our product.

Initially, the secrecy of the atomic weapons projects was a matter of national security. Even workers facing excessive exposures did their jobs just like soldiers in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. They were Cold War Soldiers. When they became "veterans" and started developing cancer, the agencies blamed the individual life style of the victim. Further, they had no statistics on future generations --- while working around the radioactive materials to forestall war, they exposed their families and future members of their family to radiation illness and deformity.

As the Cold War ended, the stock of weapons became useful for nuclear power plants. The economic benefits outweighed full health disclosures. Hourly workers on the exposure front lines banded together too ---- they had upper middle class wages in communities bathed in poverty.

Whistleblower and former "A plant" employee (and others) have documented the actions and conduct of government contractors and government agencies (especially DOE) in protecting the nuclear military industry complex from full transparency.

One document --- the first of hundreds --- has a union president stating the multiple "nothing found" investigations amount to a "criminal conspiracy."

We'll share those documents soon with you, so you can make up your mind.