About Us

About Us

Covering news for a metropolitan area of 300,000+, including the most populated city in the state, HuntingtonNews.net, an online news agency, has been published daily since 2000.

We serve a metropolitan area that includes Ashland, Ky., Huntington, WV., Ironton & Portsmouth, Ohio.    To submit content to HNN, contact us below: 
Publisher:   Matt Pinson - Tel.: (304) 654-0087/ email:  1mattpinson@gmail.com 

News/Entertainment Editor:  Tony Rutherford - Tel.:  (304) 544-8160/ email:  trutherford@huntingtonnews.net 

Sports Editor:  Mike Holbrook - Tel.:  (304) 208-4107/ email:  mholbrook@huntingtonnews.net

Contributor:  Lawrence J. Smith - Tel.:  (304) 390-4026/ email:  ljsmithwv@gmail.com 

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