An Ode to Riverside Race Track

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An Ode to Riverside Race Track

The Riverside race track opened in the mid 60’s around 1965-66, according to Bear's Dad. The strip was owned and built by Proctorville, Ohio resident Paul Wireman. It was located between Route 7 and the Ohio River between Proctorville and Braderick.
The racetrack entertained racing enthusiasts until the late 70’s.

The bottom parking lot would be packed full of cars to see the races every Saturday night and Sunday afternoon in the Summer. Riverside featured a full quarter-mile round dirt track in the late 60’s and early 70’s as well as a quarter-mile strip.

Any street car could enter. Occasionally exhibitionist would visit the track. One such exhibitionist was Scottie Scott from Charleston. He had a layout with a big block Cheverlot.

An Ode to Riverside Race Track

One time in the 60’s, Outlaw Sprint cars were going to run at the track. They got into a disagreement with Wiremen over the size of the purse. They claimed there simply was not enough money as a prize to make it worthwhile and risk any damage to their vehicles. They threatened to not unload until the purse was increased. Wireman refused to increase it so they did not unload and the ones that came early and unloaded, quickly loaded back up and left town without racing.

The track was was both NHRA and IHRA sanctioned at one time. Several drag racing stars appeared at Riverside including Roger Gustin, "Jungle Jim" Liberman, Tommy "Moonshot" Maras, "Wild Willie" Borsch, Leon Fitzgerald,
and many others.

An Ode to Riverside Race Track

There were also many local stars including National event winner Joe Lemley, Charley Betts, Gary Adams,
Pro Stock Champ Darrell Alderman, Larry Hice, Sherman Gerlach, The Wood Brothers, "Hemi" Adkins, Roger & Donald Stepp, Matney Brothers, Gordon Collett, Johnny "Hillbillie" Duncan and Jim Baughman.

I went back in 1976 with my friend Glen Thacker who died last year. I was in the 8th grade. I had a great tme and remember the loud noise.

The track opened in the early 60's and was closed in 1978 when the property was sold. Thanks to The riverside Dragway Memory Page where I got the pictures.