Tip Leads to Arrest of Man Accused of Decapitation of Woman

Updated 4 years ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports
Body Recovery in September
Body Recovery in September
File Photo Crystal St Clair

A call to Huntington 911 has lead to the arrest of a man accused in the September 2017 murder of Carrie Jo Worrell Wood portions of whose dismembered body were found by a fisherman in the Ohio River. 

Argie Jeffers (Senior) was arrested after he asked Jeremy Jeffers , his grandson, to discard the contents of several buckets at the Eighth Avenue car wash dumpster. Argie Jeffers had told Jeremy that "drugs" were in the buckets. However, when Jeremy looked in the bucks he found body parts, including a human head. 

Detectives at the time of the Sept. 23 discovery determined that the woman had been the victim had been shot with a shotgun, cut up, and placed in the river. 

Forensic investigators executed a search warrant on Jeffers' property at 4700 Riverside Drive in October. They found blood and tissue evidence which was sent to the crime laboratory for analysis.

After finding evidence of a "major bloodletting," Jeffers spoke voluntarily to police telling them he had been in a volatile relationship. 

When led to arraignment at the Cabell County Courthouse, the suspect denied that he killed Wood. 

Jeffers told WSAZ-TV:

"She was the best friend I ever had. Me and her were close. She didn't have a home, nobody to take care of her, and I had to feed and take care of her and help her. I loved that woman."

He claimed that drug dealers had framed him. 

Magistrate Darryl Black ordered him held without bond on the murder charge and set a $300,000 cash only bond for concealment of a dead body.