GATORCHOPPIN ON ... Officials against legalizing pot are holding West Virginia back

Updated 3 years ago by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent

A symposium on legalizing marijuana held in West Virginia turned out to be mostly an one-sided ambush against those wanting marijuana legalized.  In fact they must be thinking pot smokers are smoking crack if they expect them to believe their facts.


First of all let me say I have not smoked much weed in my life...very, very little and have never bought any....but I don't have to be high to see how profitable it is. It is not just the sales of medicinal and recreational marijuana but there is whole industry centered around hemp.  There are hundreds of items made from hemp including glass and clothing.  


"They have to understand there will be good and bad that comes from this. So there's not a panacea. This won't fix the problems of West Virginia. We need a good economy, but that won't happen through the marijuana industry," said Mike Stuart, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of West Virginia. 


Well, dangit Mike...what are you smoking?  Thirty-three states legalized medicinal use and eleven have recreational use.  New York is trying to get recreational passed.  Look at the tax revenue.  Look at the farming jobs.  Look at the manufacturing jobs.  Look at the wholesale and retail boost. We would be creating new .markets but it won't fix one of the worst economies in the country.  Dang, Mike... that's the kind of backwards thinking that keeps your state broke.


"The facts are undisputed that traffic fatalities have gone up. The ER visits - hospitalizations related to marijuana have skyrocketed. Youth use has skyrocketed," said Bob Troyer, former Colorado U.S. Attorney.


Well...darnit, Bob..we are in West Virginia where there are more ambulances running around narcanning opiate overdoses than pizza deliveries being made.  We have opiate addicts driving through playgrounds.  Marijuana can help with pain.  If we can get some users off of heroin and trying pot for pain then maybe we can increase fast food sales and do away with needles.


"I believe a symposium is where you have people with varying viewpoints, and different opinions. And we would come together and discuss the facts and discuss the issues and come to a conclusion. I believe that this was set up with a pre-drawn conclusion," said Del. Mike Pushkin, (D) Kanawha.


Ding, ding! Finally a.correct answer.  It looks like the state of West   Virginia is stacking the odds.  Sounds like they want to talk control over who gets licenses and such.  Somebody wants their hands in the cookie jar and not because they are stoned and hungry.


I guess at least they are willing to act like they will talk about it.  The sad thing is the more time that passes, the more states jump in front of West Virginia.  The ground floor opportunities are gone now.  Hopefully we can jump in front of a few states.  At least if border states like Kentucky, Virginia, and Ohio toke up first, maybe West Virginia can get some fast food sales from smokers crossing state lines with the munchies.


( Quotes quoted were from a news story by WOWK Mark Curtis.  The text was all Alligator Jackson)